The reality of “reality” tv.

The reality of “reality” tv.

We all have that guilty pleasure, whether it’s something like The Bachelor or something along the lines of Jersey Shore.  When reality shows do so well it’s because they include drama from the main characters.  While watching your favorite reality television show I bet you have never taken the time to think about how long it took for the characters to get microphones attached to them before making a grand entrance.  Or how there always seems to be perfect lighting in every scene.  Or how drama just seems to pop up out of absolutely no where.tiot5-jamaica-07-202-rikki-hibbert-photography


I have been living behind the scenes of reality television for four years now and I’m here to give you a small glimpse into the true reality of it all.  With my mom and younger sister being featured on the show “Dancemoms” it has been very eye opening to me, a reality show addict.  First and foremost, most things are completely staged.  That awkward run in, or surprise guest had everything to do with producers planning it behind the scenes.  Next, behind every argument are producers telling the two characters that they have to have a confrontation, even if they are best friends and don’t want to.   I’m not telling you that reality shows are scripted, however every conversation has been thought out by producers and relayed to the audience by the characters.  Then come the interviews, while you at home are thinking that one character is saying something specific to another, that could be completely wrong.  For example, in an interview someone could be saying how gross a certain food tasted, however with the editing skills of the film crew this conversation about gross food can be made to look like the character is talking about another person, saying how gross they are.


The moral of the story is don’t believe everything you see on reality television.  It may be extremely entertaining but it is definitely not reality.


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