Ladybirding 101

Ladybirding 101


When you think of the phrase ‘student-athlete’, the sports that come to mind are most likely football, basketball, swimming, lacrosse, etc.  Have you ever thought about a dance team being a part of the student-athlete curriculum?  Probably not, however as a member of the Louisville Ladybirds dance team I’m here to give you a glimpse into our day to day schedule and tell you why it fits into the student-athlete mold.



We can start with the 6am workouts, keep in mind we do not have a facility on campus so we have to wake up extra early to squeeze in that twenty minute drive to the gym.  After sprints, deadlifts, weighted squats, pushing sleds, etc. we head to class.  Paying attention is very important because we must maintain good grades or else our coach will not allow us to participate in any Ladybird related activities.  Taking a nap after class is ideal for most people, however as Ladybirds we have to keep our schedules open for appearances, community service acts, and sometimes even head to practice early to put in some extra work.  Practice starts at 8:30 and ends around 11, keep in mind that twenty minute drive to the dance studio adds forty minutes to this time frame.  In the midst of these busy days the Ladybirds perform at every home football game, most away football games, and every single home basketball game for both men and women.  We also have to make time to prepare for our national championships in April.


By the way, we are 15 time national champions.



Preparing a different dance for every single game is hard work and takes a lot of time, patience, and most of all dedication and hard work.  With our busy schedules we still make time for school which is our number one priority.  Time management is one skill that is extremely vital to be a Ladybird.  While all of these responsibilities are time consuming and sometimes a bit stressful, the honor of being a ladybird outweighs any stress or frustration that comes along the ride.  Representing the University of Louisville is something that I will forever take great pride in.  I like to consider Ladybirds as student- athletes and I hope after reading this you appreciate that being a Ladybird is a little more than just a pretty smile and shaking your hips.


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