Valentines Day Boycott

Valentines Day Boycott

Candy hearts, teddy bears, roses, heart shaped chocolates… yep you guessed it, Valentines Day is just around the corner!! There are two types of people on Valentines Day, you either love it or deeply hate it.  I personally can relate to loving Valentines day one year and despising it the next.

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If you’re the lovey dovey type and can’t wait to indulge in chocolate and post a picture with a gooey caption of you and your partner, no need to keep reading, go about with your happy relationship.  On the other hand, if you are looking for multiple ways to avoid Valentines Day at all costs, I’m here to save the day!  Opting out of Valentines day is easier than ever if you just follow these simple steps:


  1. Stay clear of Hallmarks and the Valentine themed aisles at the store.
  2. Go see a scary movie with your friends who also boycott Valentines day.
  3. Stay home alone and hibernate until the day is over and the coast is clear.
  4. Pick a different holiday to celebrate, like your dog’s birthday.
  5. Avoid all social media sites in order to steer clear of the romantic posts.
  6. Go to Bingo with your grandma.
  7. Go to the gym and run out your anger for this holiday.
  8. Do not go out to dinner. If you are really desperate for food, go splurge on some fast food because you know there won’t be any romantic dates at McDonalds or Wendy’s.


Follow these steps, and before you know it February 15th will be here and you won’t have to fret over Valentines Day for a whole year!  Be careful though, a relationship could sneak up on you and in the blink of an eye you could actually be looking forward to celebrating with your Valentine.



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