Should we really trust Instagram Ads?

Should we really trust Instagram Ads?

Instagram. It’s something our generation cannot live without.  We live in a society where the amount of followers you have and the amount of likes you receive define you, or so you think they do.  The best part about Instagram is the fact that we can follow our favorite celebrities and keep up with their day to day lives.  Sometimes I feel like I personally know a celebrity just because I see what they are up to every day by looking at their posts on Instagram.  With that being said, businesses are taking full advantage of the fact that us regular people obsess over everything and anything having to do with a celebrity.  That’s where Instagram ads and sponsored Instagram posts came along.    When we see a Kardashian post about their favorite hair product, or a fitness guru post about their go to protein shake, we believe them and get lured into buying these products.  However, have you ever taken the time to really think about if these celebrities even use the products they promote?? All this time we’re thinking we we’re going to grow hair like a Kardashian and be as fit as a fitness guide just by using the same products as them.  In reality, it is highly doubtful our favorite celebrity just decided to tell the world about their favorite products.  Most likely they are getting paid a large sum of money to promote a brand which will in turn bring in revenue from celebrity obsessed people like us.  One of the biggest indicators was when Scott Disick, a Keeping up With the Kardashians cast member, accidentally posted a picture with the directions of when to post and what to say.


These Instagram ads may seem to be real, however most likely the celebrity got sent the product along with a caption to post with it and in return gets paid the big bucks just for something as simple as an Instagram post.


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