Cereal for snacking

Cereal for snacking

Sometimes you just need that mid day pick-me-up or maybe midnight snack and a bowl of cereal comes to mind.  The perfect amount of crunch paired with cold milk, really hits the spot!  However what some people don’t realize is that cereal has more sugar than three Chips Ahoy cookies in just one cup. And sugar’s not the only problem— seemingly healthy options like raisin bran add nearly 15 percent of the daily value of sodium before it’s even lunchtime.  So while some people think they are enjoying a light healthy snack they are filling their body with copious amounts of sugar and sodium.



Do not allow your spirits to be crushed because cereal can still be consumed in a healthy manner and I am here to give you a list of healthy cereal that you can eat and not feel guilty.  Cheerios is a low-calorie choice with 100 calories per cup. This cereal tops the healthiest cereal list because of its low sugar content at just 1g. The Children’s Hospital of Boston has selected Cheerios as a healthiest cereal pick.  Eating whole-grain cereal has been associated with a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes and better overall health in some studies.  Below is a list of healthy cereals that you should choose when strolling through the cereal isle at your local grocery store:


  • General Mills Cheerios
  • Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs
  • General Mills Total Whole Grain
  • General Mills Fiber One
  • Kellogg’s Special K Protein Plus
  • General Mills Kix
  • Kellogg’s All Bran
  • Quaker Oats-Quick Oats

Another trick for cutting out calories when eating cereal is to substitute regular milk for almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, or soy milk.  By choosing the right brand and substituting regular milk for a healthier option, your cereal snack is all of a sudden guilt free!


Workout Clothes as Fashion Statements

Workout Clothes as Fashion Statements


Next time you’re out and about, take the time to notice how many people (particularly women) are dressed in workout gear.  After observing most likely a very large number of women running errands in workout gear, you may wonder how many of those women ACTUALLY came form the gym or are ACTUALLY going to the gym afterwards.  Within the past few years it seems as though workout clothes have become a fashion trend.  The CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, made a statement at the Women’s Innovation summit in New York City, proclaiming, “Leggings are the new denim.”  It seems as though wearing high-end sports clothes has become a new status symbol.




The best part about this trend is that it’s super hip to look like you’re moments away from a workout except you don’t actually have to raise your heart rate at all.  Designers such as Alexander Wang support this trend, with his athletic-inspired line for H&M last year (at the time he said, ‘I live in gym clothes. When you go out on the street, it’s the uniform now.’ He added: ‘I am not an athlete’).  Fashion companies with no links to sportswear are following suit, such as US designer Kate Spade, most famous for her bags and watches, who announced a new turn into athletic wear.


You may be reading this and think that our society has gone absolutely haywire.  However, coming from someone who enjoys going to the mall in cute athletic wear, it’s easy and comfy and you should definitely give this trend a try.  Brands like Lulu Lemon and Adidas have become immensely popular because of this trend.  Celebrities are seen nonstop sporting these athletic brands.  If this blog post has taught you anything hopefully it’s throw out your stilettos and mini skirts out and go get yourself a pair of Nike shoes and Lulu Lemon leggings.

But First, Coffee.

But First, Coffee.

As college students we are all culprits of something along the lines of “can’t function until I’ve had my coffee.”  Sometimes my day’s biggest dilemma is deciding if I want Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or Starbucks coffee, not to mention the predicament of getting it served hot or iced.  Coffee is just so inviting with its mocha swirl, peppermint twist, caramel drizzle flavors.  For some, coffee is even an accessory:




For others, coffee can be excellent inspiration for a Halloween costume:



For all coffee lovers if your mouth waters at the sight of a macchiato dripping with fresh caramel, showing the perfect ratio of a milk to coffee ombré, then you know the feeling of craving a bottomless amount.  With these luxury drinks being so alluring, it is immensely easy for coffee crazed customers like us to go ahead and treat ourselves with a large or venti.  However, some people don’t realize the hidden calories that indulge in these specialty coffee beverages.   That is why I’m here to deliver you some good news and bad news.



Bad news:  Drinking a White Chocolate mocha from Starbucks (470 calories, 18 grams of fat) is just 30 calories less than a cheeseburger from McDonalds.

Good news:  There are healthy alternatives to coffee cream and sweeteners that knock out a ton of those nasty calories.  By choosing healthier alternatives when ordering your coffee, you can still enjoy your large caramel bruleé latte without feeling so guilty about the calories.  It’s the best of both worlds!!  I have compiled a list of healthy alternatives that can make your coffee order a little less equivalent to eating McDonalds…


  1. Instead of creamer: Skim, Soy, or Coconut milk
  2. Instead of sweetener: Add cinnamon
  3. Instead of regular syrups: Choose sugar free syrup
  4. Instead of a large: Order a medium or small and add espresso shots


For all of you coffee addicts out there I’m right there with ya.  Lets choose healthier alternatives together, CHEERS!